Program Requirements

Here is a step-by-step guide of the typical patient process before surgery.


Step 1: Seminar Attendance

Audience and Lecturer Attending a seminar provides you with information about all of our weight loss surgery options including the risks and benefits. You can schedule a seminar online or call 361-826-5740 to take your first step!

> Live Seminar


Step 2: Initial Consultation and Medical History

Doctor and Patient  After you attend a seminar and your benefit information is verified, we will set up a consultation with the surgeon of your choice. Before your consultation you will complete a medical history form online for your surgeon to review at your first visit. 


Step 3: Medical and Insurance Checklists

Checklist  Your insurance will have a list of items you will need to complete before you can get approval. This could include things like a weight history, supervised diet with a physician or dietitian, and psycholigical evaluation. Your surgeon will also have a checklist of items they may want you to complete before they will approve you as a candidate. This could include a sleep study, cardiac evaluation, or a procedure to check for hiatal hernias, etc. 


Step 4: Insurance Approval

Female Doctor After you have completed your insurance and medical checklists, we will send a letter of medical necessity along with the program requirements you completed to your insurance company. The approval can take up to eight weeks, so please be patient! Your insurance company will review the information to determine if there is a medical need for bariatric surgery. When they approve your bariatric procedure, they will send a pre-certification letter and we will be able to schedule your surgery! Co-payments and/or deductibles will need to be paid prior to your surgery.